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At Southern Rides, located in Nashville, we offer car customization services such as Wheel Painting/Powder Coating, Window & Windshield Tint; Body Painting, and Dent Removal. If this wasn't enough for you, we also offer Ambient Interior Lighting enhancements; 'Curb Rash' & scratch removal. With bodywork, the most important ingredient for our clients is Tender Loving Care — for both their money and time with quick turnaround options. If you can get almost the same result and spend far less, don't you think you deserve to know what those options are? We have pick-up and drop-off service available, and with our 12 years of experience, we won't disappoint you. If you would like to find out a little bit more about the services that we provide, or if you would like to make an appointment with us, please feel free to give us a call at (615) 544.5566.

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