No Back Up Camera? Get CarPlay with Front Camera for even less!?!

No Back Up Camera? Get CarPlay with Front Camera for even less!?!

No Back Up Camera? Get CarPlay with Front Camera for even less!?!

Backup Cameras have gone from an item available only on premium trim packages - even on most luxury vehicles - to standard (mandatory) beginning in May 2018 in the United States and Canada with the sale of all new vehicles.

We may expect Front Parking Cameras to become standard in the not-too-distant-future.


Of course, 'mandatory' does not mean FREE and any government mandate on the private sector increases prices for the consumer. Afterall, someone has to pay for it.

But what about all of those still-new-looking vehicles out there? You love your almost new car - but want some of the last tech that appeared since your vehicle was built perhaps just a couple of years ago: what to do?

Even the 'chip shortage' during the pandemic forced automakers to 'ration' some of the hi-tech features that perhaps some expect on higher-end vehicles.

Technological advancements such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have dramatically changed the user experience in modern vehicles, creating a safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable driving experience.

However, owners of pre-2018 model vehicles may feel left out of this technological revolution.
Consider a recent customer who came to Southern Ride Customs looking for a Backup Camera for their practically new looking BMW! 

It actually HAD a Rear Camera but not some of the once very expensive tech hardware that even just over a year ago would have cost well over $1,000 - just for the camera to function with the BMW technology!?!

Today, that same customer can not only get the same camera to work for less - but can actually get Apple CarPlay AND Android Auto INCLUDED FOR THE SAME PRICE!!!???! And Front Camera capability??!!!

Southern Rides is dedicated to providing solutions for any vehicle, ensuring that no car owner is left behind in the era of smart technology. Our services include the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as the installation of Front & Rear Parking Cameras, thereby upgrading your pre-2018 vehicle to meet and even surpass current standards.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Integration
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are applications that allow drivers to mirror their smartphone's interface onto the vehicle's infotainment system. This results in a safer, smarter, and more enjoyable driving experience. Southern Rides offers custom upgrades to integrate these systems into pre-2018 model vehicles. Our network of skilled professionals uses cutting-edge technology, tools and mentoring and networking to ensure seamless and efficient integration, providing the modern conveniences of hands-free virual-assitance (Siri, Cortana, more), voice-controlled Text/Messaging, Navigation, and Music streaming and more - all while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

Front & Rear Parking Cameras
Parking can be a stressful experience, even for the most experienced drivers. To alleviate this, Southern Ride's offers the installation of front and rear parking cameras. These cameras provide a clear view of the surroundings, making parking easier and safer. 

In the fast-paced world of technology, it can be easy for pre-2018 vehicle owners to feel left behind. However, with Southern Ride's Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration solutions and Front and Rear parking camera installation services, these vehicles can be brought up to speed with the latest in automotive technology. Southern Ride Customs has proven that no vehicle, regardless of its model year, should be left out of the technological revolution.

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