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After stripping your vehicle of dirt, debris; we use high quality clay bar to remove nearly invisible detritus that can effect the finished product. We appreciate your vehicle and all its curves and crevasses as it is those that are the least tolerant of imperfection. We take extreme care and detailed handling of this process. The vinyl is not always one piece, so when two pieces of vinyl need to connect it takes time to make it a seamless connection. Bubbles can ruin the look of the wrap and also lead to peeling. They could become punctured, lift further, and eventually ruin the wrap. The wrap is meticulously crafted from one section to another and smoothed to eliminate bubbles and wrinkles. At the end you are left with a seamless wrap.

The adhesive on the vehicle is extremely strong, so the vehicle is ready to be driven nearly immediately after installation without wait time. Promotional Prices EXCLUDES TRUCKS, VANS, SUVS)

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